1. Persons must sign up before shooting.

2. Ear and eye protection are strongly recommended. You assume all responsibility for any injury that you incur by not wearing adequate eye and ear protection.

3. Gun action must be kept open at all times except when on firing line.

4. A gun may only be loaded at designated firing points.

5. Load only one shell at a time except when shooting doubles.

6. No tracking birds from behind shooters or birds on another shooter.

7. Maximum shot size 1 1/8 ounce, 7.5 shot, 3 dram load. No Buckshot or Slugs. You are responsible for the shells you shoot.

8. Do not load your gun when a safety flag is up on the trap house.

9. No alcoholic beverages allowed in trap range area. Intoxicated shooters will not be permitted to shoot and will be expelled from the trap range.

10. Shooters are responsible for picking up their spent shotgun shells.

11. The range operator's decision is final on all matters involving the enforcement of these rules and on issues involving the safe operation of the range.

12. Your safety is our greatest concern; therefore the range operator may remove from the firing line, without refund, and expel from the trap range area any individual who violates any of these rules. Please abide by these rules and report any violations of these rules to the range operator.

13. These range rules are issued by the Minnesota Sportsmen’s Club Trap Committee on June 9th 2015. They are subject to change at the discretion of the Trap Committee without notice.