Minnesota Sportsmen’s Club Jackpot Event

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$20.00 Entry

1 Round 16 Yard

1 Round Handicap (25 Yards or your ATA yardage, whichever is greater)

$6 paid back per round with 20 entries

Number of classes and places paid based on the number of entries

$2 per round added money to the big jackpot paid out at the end of the season

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Jackpot Scores Updated 4-11-21

We held our final Jackpot Event of the season today. The weather started out a little chilly, with a light mist in the air. But it turned out to be a pretty decent day. 
Thank you to everyone who shot and congratulations to all the winners!
Ties determined by Singles/Long Run from the back.
A-1 Dick Berger (49) $41.00
A-2 Denny Spurling (47) $28.00
B-1 Dick Berger (45) $41.00
B-2 Ed Dietz (45) $28.00
C-1 Joel Johnson (42) $41.00
C-2 Derek Fischer (42) $28.00
D-1 Troy Smith (40) $41.00
D-2 Joel Johnson (40) $28.00
We also held the drawing for the Added Money Jackpot today, we paid out $674.00 
Congratulations to these lucky winners:
1st Brian Anderson
2nd Jerry Gall
3rd Ray Steffenson
4th Randy Jones
Congratulations to the meat raffle winners:
Brian Anderson
Ed Dietz
Jimmy Bowen
David Maples
Joe Hadac
Troy Smith
We paid out $2028.00 in daily Jackpot purses and $674.00 in the Added Money Jackpot this season.
We want to thank every who came out to play and helped make this a fun and exciting season in these COVID challanging times.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!
And remember it is always a Great Day to Break some Clays at the Minnesota Sportsmen's Club!!