Are you interested in becoming a member of

the Minnesota Sportsmen's Club?

There are a few things that you need to know and a few things that you need to do in order to become a member.

1)· You need to get an existing member to sponsor you as a prospective member and get your name on our list after introducing yourself to the other members at the next upcoming club meeting with your sponsor.  NOTE:  No prospective member introductions are allowed at the January annual meeting.

2)· As a prospective member, you will be listed on our directory as such and have privileges to use the club at any time as long as another current member is at the facility.· You will NOT have full access to the club on your own until you get a key upon your full acceptance as an active member.

3) New members are allowed in at the January meeting of each calendar year.· You MUST BE PRESENT if your name is called or will have to REAPPLY  in order to get back on the list.· The number of openings per year varies depending on the number of current members dropping their memberships and active members becoming life members and such.... so BE AT THE MEETING!

4) Should your name be called at the next meeting,· your acceptance as a member will be voted on by the other members and you will be informed of your acceptance at the end of the January meeting.·  You will then be required to pay an initatiion fee of $30 and your annual dues for the upcoming year which is currently set at $150/year and you will then get a key for full use of the facility at any time.

5)· After becoming a new member you will be listed on our directory as a "New Member".· There are a couple differences to be aware of between being an "Active" or "Life Member" and a "New Member".· One difference is in the hours you are required to put in service wise for the club on a yearly basis.· As a "New Member" you MUST put in at least 16 work hours versus 10 work hours for all other members and have them properly logged by the next January meeting.·If you do not meet these numbers of hours, your membership will be dropped and you will not be allowed to become an active member.··YOU CAN NOT BUYOUT YOUR HOURS AS A "NEW MEMBER".  The other differences are that in your first year as a "New Member", you can not hold office and you can not sponsor a prospective member.

6) After your first full year of membership and meeting your full 16 work hours requirement, you will then be responsible for 10 work hours·per year from then on.· Should you fall short on your work hours on a yearly basis you will have the option of buying out any shortfall in your hours at a cost of $25 per hour you·are short.· If you do not meet your required hours and choose not to buy them out, your membership will be dropped.· These requirements MUST all be met and hourly buyouts paid in full by the January meeting of that year.  You will also then be able to hold office or sponsor prospective members.