Safety and Shooting Practices:

  • Shooting hours are 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Legitimate hunting exception)
  • You must sign in the book when you enter to use the rifle or handgun range, and you must sign out when you leave.  If you are caught using the rifle range and you have not signed in, you will be fined $25.
  • On all ranges bullets must impact the bullet traps, berms and backstops.
  • Ranges must be used for their intended purpose.
  • No shooting of fully automatic weapons on any range.
  • Trap Range: Trap shells 7 ½ shot or smaller.
  • Handgun Range: Only handguns and rim fire rifles allowed.
  • Utility Handgun Range: Only handguns and rim fire rifles allowed.
  • Rifle Range: Rifles, handguns and shotguns allowed. Bullets must impact the bullet traps or backstops. No muzzle loader, shotgun slugs or 50 caliber rifles rounds are to be shot at the foam target holders.
  • Projectiles Must Not Leave Our Property.
  • Shooters must log their time on the rifle range; the log book must be signed before entering and log out when leaving.
  • Our ranges are small; make room for others when needed.
  • When others are down range, open actions and step back from the line.
  • Do not set targets on top of backstops.
  • No shooting of glass on any range.
  • No shooting of Tannerite or Explosives allowed on any range.
  • No brass or live ammo allowed in the trash.
  • Members are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  • Remember alcohol and shooting are an unsafe combination, use discretion and be safe.
  • Hunting is allowed on club property, limited to archery and shotgun with birdshot only.
  • Hunting opportunities are limited to club members and their immediate family only (spouse/significant other and children).


Club Access:

  • Relock gate after entering and when leaving club property.
  • Relock gate to pistol/rifle range on Wednesday and Sunday during trap season.
  • Relock all appropriate locks when leaving club property; Club House, Trap House and Gates.
  • Members are responsible for their key. Do not hand it out to non-members.
  • If you lose your key it will cost $10 for a replacement.
  • Non-members must be accompanied by a member on club property.
  • Members are responsible for the actions of their guests.
  • Members should have their membership cards with them.
  • Dumpsters are for club trash only.
  • Tree stands must be removed by January 15th.
  • Respect club property, respect our neighbors’ property. Do not trespass.
  • Keep vehicle speeds reasonable on all club roads.




Trap Shooting Rules/Etiquette:

  • Make your entry far enough in advance so that the office can properly process it. Clubs want shoots to start on time but they can't if shooters don't sign up enough in advance so that squadding and record keeping can be done.
  • Be ready when your squad in called and also when it is your turn to shoot in the squad.
  • Do not lean over each time to pick a shell out of a box on the ground or to pick up empties. Have your shells where you don't have to stoop to get them.
  • Do not raise your gun until the shooter ahead of you fires.
  • Remain at you post until the fifth man has fired, then move to the next position. At the end of your round, stand facing the traps until the last man has fired the last shot. If you are leadoff, do not fire until all squad members are in position after each change.
  • Never load your gun before changing positions. When going from position five to position one, turn to the right to avoid bumping guns with the man coming from post four.
  • Load only one shell at a time, except in doubles. Close the gun only when it is your turn to shoot. If a delay occurs, remove the shell.
  • Do not allow ejected shells from your gun to hit or annoy other shooters.
  • Do no unneccesary talking when you are on the firing line. When you are not on the firing line, keep you voice down when you are around other squads that are shooting.
  • Time your shooting to establish ryhthem in the squad. Call in a loud clear voice so that there is no confusion about when the puller should respond.
  • Be a sportsman at all times. Be sure your competitors get what is due them, but do not be a target claimer.
  • Observe safety rules. Do not point your gun at another, even if it is unloaded. On the firing line, always keep your gun pointed toward the ground or the traphouse.
  • Shooters are almost always willing to have you look at their guns if you ask permission first. Do not pick up anothers gun from the gun rack and handle it without first asking permission.